Edward Ressle launches new ‘Artist in Residence’ program

Edward Ressle is pleased to announce the launch of our new annual ‘Artist in Residence’ program. Starting in the summer of 2018, Edward Ressle supports an engaging artist-in-residence program, which invites international artists to spend an extended period of time in New York in order to draw inspiration from the city’s rich culture. With no imposed rules, the residency provides the artist with time and space for contemplation, experimentation, and production.

The artist will be living and working in the gallery’s prewar townhouse within the ‘museum mile’ on the Upper East Side. The neighborhood is known for its long history of art galleries, museums, and institutions that offer access to the most celebrated ancient masterpieces as well as cutting-edge contemporary art.

At the core of Edward Ressle’s ethos is a commitment to challenge the stereotypical gallery model by leading an innovative and progressive program. The artist-in-residence program will support the artist with all the necessary resources to ensure creative freedom.

This is an unrivaled opportunity for an artist to create a new body of work, to experiment, research or take a new direction. The residency, which will run from mid-July to mid-September, culminates in an opening reception and exhibition that will showcase the work created during the artist’s duration at the gallery. This will provide the artist with opportunities for networking, sales and dialogue with local curators, artists, and both public and private institutions. Additionally, a publication documenting the residency, works, and exhibition will be produced.

Residency is by invitation only.

Edward Ressle welcomes Sarah Buckner

Edward Ressle’s inaugural artist-in-residence is German painter Sarah Buckner. Buckner was born in 1984 in Frankfurt, Germany. Raised in Europe, Buckner was heavily influenced by the abundant legacy of Western painting that spans from the Renaissance to the Contemporary period. French modernist painter Balthus quickly became a source of inspiration that can be seen integrated into Buckner’s work.

After enrolling at the renowned Kunstakamedie Düsseldorf, Buckner studied under one of the most distinguished figurative painters Peter Doig. Doig would eventually become her mentor—showing her how an artist can live humbly and teaching her to follow the rich legacy of the Kunstakamedie.

Buckner’s subject matter explores what it is like to be alive, to exist, and to engage with others in the world. She draws heavily upon her childhood memories and her experiences growing up as a woman. Her paintings, in the words of artist Alastair Mackiven, have the ability to bring back images from the “rupture in this time- space.” The work occupies a region between the figurative and the surreal with its ethereal brushwork and phantasmal imagery.

Buckner’s paintings have been selected for solo and group exhibitions internationally, including shows in London and Rome amongst others. She will be in residence at Edward Ressle from July 18th to September 17th.

Studio visit requests and press inquiries may be submitted to contact@edwardressle.com for consideration.

For further information, please contact the gallery at contact@edwardressle.com or at +1.212.641.0608