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Edward Ressle is pleased to present the work of our inaugural artist-in-residence, painter Sarah Buckner on view from September 12th - October 14th, 2018. Featuring eleven paintings ranging from figurative to abstract, Buckner’s diverse body of work encapsulates the sights and sensations of New York City that she witnessed and experienced during her six-week residency. With the constraints of time, Buckner’s work has developed a new sensibility - her process of a gouache-like treatment of the paint instills a fleeting quality that only enhances and heightens the distinctly ethereal, en reverie nature of her work.

Buckner’s subject matter explores what it is like to be alive, to exist, and to engage with others in the world. Her approach to figuration is embellished with phantasmal and surrealist undertones that add a dimension of intrigue to her subjects. At once familiar and simultaneously dreamlike, the subjects of her work depict the projected narrative Buckner often creates when observing and watching the strangers that surround her. Buckner found the impact living in New York City and how it manifested physically to be of particular interest, noting the experiences one has gone through are visible on one’s face like a “shocked mask”, but the exact stories are inaccessible.

Aside from her distinct approach to figurative works, there also exists more abstract reflections of her experience feeling both elated and overwhelmed by the grandeur of New York City; as Buckner herself put it, “I could have exclusively painted the city and the architecture and the people, but I am in the city, too.” These personal musings grant a unique perspective into the mind of the artist in conjunction with her other paintings, granting comprehensive insight into her time here.

Buckner was born in 1984 in Frankfurt, Germany. Raised in Europe, Buckner was heavily influenced by the abundant legacy of Western painting that spans from the Renaissance to the Contemporary period. French modernist painter Balthus became a source of inspiration with his opaquely painted figurative work and daring use of color. 

After enrolling at the renowned Kunstakamedie Düsseldorf, Buckner studied under one of the most distinguished figurative painters Peter Doig. Doig would eventually become her mentor—showing her how an artist can live humbly and teaching her to follow the rich legacy of the Kunstakamedie. Buckner’s paintings have been selected for solo and group exhibitions internationally, including shows in London and Rome amongst others. 

Buckner has been in residence at Edward Ressle from July 18th until September 17th. 

For further information, please contact the gallery at or at +1.212.641.0608